Five Minutes
in Nature

Henry David Thoreau wrote, "It's not what you look at — it's what you see." That's the guiding principle behind Kevin Ebi's "Five Minutes in Nature," which reintroduces us to the wonders of nature that are all around us.

Kevin crafts photographs that represent what it felt like to be there. Pictures in this project are of experiences — not "things." He shares the experiences to inspire people to look more deeply at the nature they pass by every day.

The Experience

Finding Your Own Rainbow

Even when a bright rainbow stretches all the way across the horizon, potentially in vew of thousands of people, everyone is actually seeing their own. 

The Five Minutes in Nature project is not about encouraging people to stand where the arist once stood. Rather, he shares his experiences to serve as loose guideposts to help people find their own wonder, which connects with them personally. Learn more at the Living Wilderness blog.

The Exhibit

Roger Tory Peterson Institute
Jamestown, New York
April 26-July 21, 2024

Nearly three dozen large-scale photographs, many presented larger than life, are on view at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown, New York. Peterson was a famed naturalist, artist, and creator of a modern guide system for identifying birds. RTPI is a museum dedicated to the difference his life's work made for the environment. Five Minutes in Nature is a major solo exhibit that spans much of the museum's main floor.

Learn more at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.

The Book

Five Minutes in Nature

Five Minutes in Nature is a 140-page, fine-art book that collects some of Kevin Ebi's favorite experiences in nature. The large-format book (9x12 inches) shares both the images and the stories behind them to inspire readers to have meaningful experiences of their own.

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