5 Minutes In Nature
5 Minutes in Nature
5 Minutes in Nature
Take 5 to recharge by reconnecting with the natural world.
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What is "5 Minutes in Nature?"
Well, it’s sort of like “5-Minute Abs,” except it will help you lower your blood pressure, cut your risk of diabetes and improve your mood. And it really does work in just 5 minutes, so it’s OK if you don’t have time for a long hike. Even 5 minutes in nature provides real benefits. 

The 5 Minutes In Nature project gives you activities to minimize distractions and maximize nature’s benefits when you can take a quick break. Check out the suggested activity. Go outside. Concentrate on nature. Refuel your soul. 

And what’s good for you can also be good for the planet. We also provide  actions you can take — if you’re inclined — to ensure there will be nature to enjoy whenever you’re able.  

5 Minutes in Nature is an initiative of nature photographer Kevin Ebi and the text and images are his. 


Let's get started
Take 5:
Listen for birds

We often talk about what we can see, but spend five minutes seeing what you can hear. Try picking out individual songs in a chorus of songbirds. Listen for the variety of songs between types of birds. Learn about in a 60-second video or by reading about it.
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